Today, a Purdue alum took me on a tour of Delhi with his family. He cam around 8 a.m. to pick me up at my hostel. I spent some time getting ready and deciding what to wear- should I wear traditional Indian clothing or western clothing; what will keep me cool and looking presentable all day; etc.? I finally settled on a loose orange western-style top and brown linen pants with a long scarf. The clothing was western, but still similar to the Indian style. I also thought that the loose pants would keep me cool as we trekked through the sights of Delhi. When he arrived, I proudly hopped in the left side (I finally figured it out). The only trouble was that in my eagerness, my billowy pants caught on something in the car and I heard a distinct ripping noise as I sat.  Horrified, I reached back to see what (and were) the hole was. Turned out it was in the back on the seat of the pants. I couldn't be sure, but I guessed that the hole was about 3" round. Great! Thankfully, the driver was still outside the car and missed the whole thing. What to do? Do I ask him to wait, so I can go inside and change? If I do that, how do I explain what happened? Before I could decide we were speeding off to his cousin's house to pick up the rest of his family. When we arrived there and exited the car, I pulled my purse down and around and held it over my backside. I then asked to use the restroom. Assessing the damage in the privacy of the bathroom, I decided the only thing to do was to tie the hole into a knot and wear the pants backward (with the knot in the front). The knot would be reasonably well-hidden by my long scarf and no one would be able to tell that the pants were on backwards. Mission accomplished. I spent the entire day like that with no one the wiser. Keep calm and carry on.

This is a picture taken of my pants after I arrived back in the hostel and took them off- the knot survived 10 hours of walking around Delhi, taking numerous auto-rickshaws and the metro. Who needs a sewing kit?



Dwayne Woods
06/15/2013 5:53am

Hilarious! You are in the process of producing a great little overseas travel book. Some very good ones have been done over the years. V.S. Naipaul would be proud. Keep his humor and sharp eye for detail but avoid his snarky disposition that came through in his writings.

Midge Nasiatka
06/15/2013 8:09am

You are definitely my grand daughter!!!!! I claim the outrageous creative part of you. Love your blogs..

06/15/2013 9:51am

Haha, you're so resourceful.

06/15/2013 2:08pm

Yes, keep calm and carry on. That mantra will come in handy over and over again. And you do tie great knots--fountain:-) What don't you do well?! Keep up the great work!

Rosie Clawson
06/15/2013 2:51pm

The title of your post alone made me laugh out loud!

06/15/2013 2:56pm

I am not at all surprised you figured out what to do and pulled it off! Good for you!! (I would expect no less!)

06/15/2013 11:28pm

Darling no one and no thing can stop you now !

06/15/2013 11:46pm

Clever lady. I am so excited for you! What an awesome adventure!

06/16/2013 9:00am

Haha, keep calm and your pants on.

06/17/2013 7:05pm

Very entertaining. This doesn't come from me because I would have left the hole and finished up the day. You are remarkable!

06/19/2013 11:14pm

Pure awesomeness! Brilliant!


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